Tips and Tricks in Esthetic Anterior Restorations

Which Parameters Are Key for Making Imperceptible Restorations

Esthetic direct restorations might sometimes seem difficult, but they don’t need to be.

Understanding optical properties of natural dentition, and the role of color and also the balance between opacity and translucency is paramount.

This course proposes an easier comprehension of these optical phenomena, which in turn will allow clinicians to diagnose and reproduce the natural dentition with predictability, confidence, achieving better results, both esthetically and economically.

Learning to diagnose and to recreate color, translucency and opacity

Understanding the key parameters for esthetic restorations

Simplified techniques for multi color layered restorations

Step by step for properly finishing and polishing restorations

Published February 4, 2021.

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Dr. Rafael Beolchi
Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Dr. Beolchi graduated in Dentistry by the University of São Paulo (Brazil), in the year 2000. He has his Private Practice since 2001, working mainly in Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry. In 2009 he received his Master’s Degree in Biomaterials, from the Institute of Energetic and Nuclear Research at the University of São Paulo. He is a teacher responsible for courses of Esthetic Dentistry with Direct Composites in National and International Institutes, a coordinator of the Operative Dentistry Course in FACOP, Sorocaba, Brazil and also at the Union Health Academy, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Dr. Beolchi has several articles written in English, Spanish and Portuguese about the topics of Direct Esthetic Restorations with Composites and Photocuring. He authored four book chapters on the fields of Lightcuring and Restorative Dentistry. He is an Associate Researcher of the Operative Dentistry Department of the Universidade de São Paulo, a collaborator to other Teaching Institutions, both nationally and internationally, and a consultant on products and materials for the Dental Industry.

Dr. Beolchi serves as a member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Magazines and as an International Lecturer in Portuguese, English, and Spanish in more than 50 countries including all over Latin America and the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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